April 11

Term 2

Hi, you might have noticed that I have been pretty stagnate in terms of activity on this blog. That’s because I was on holidays, now that I’m back, you should see a slight influx in blog posts. 😀

January 7

Life with Niels

Life with Niels is a youtube channel. Niels all so known as Brother Gunns does vlogs in his house out of his house with his kids with his wife and at the park. There will be a link on the right side of my blog, so go and check him out.

January 7

Meatwagon 22

Meatwagon 22 is a Youtuber. He plays a lot of Zombie games, Minecraft and beta games like 7 days to die, Rust and don’t starve together which he plays with Brother Gunns on Youalwayswin. Go and check him out there will be a link on the right side of my blog. 🙂

January 7

My sister

My sister is so annoying and cute. If you have a little sister you will know what I mean. At this time of me writing this post my sister is siting right next to me, she is watching me but she doesn’t understand the text. If you guys want me to I will put some photos of her on the blog. So let me know if you want some photos of her.

January 6


GMM stands for good mythical morning which is a youtube channel that does some funny stuff. If want to check them out I will leave some links on the side of my blog.

December 12

The Christmas service

I did not go to the Christmas service because my family and i don’t celebrate Christmas so i didn’t go. But instead everyone that didn’t go got free time on the computers, then when the people that went got back they were sad because they didn’t get free time on the computers, they just had to sing songs, sit on chairs and listen. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

November 29


Now that we are coming to the end of the year I going to lose most of my free time so i’m not going to be blogging as much as i am now. If you like what i’m doing, leave a comment or follow my blog because it will in make me make some free time. 🙁